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submit your mini-musical

Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast is opening up rolling submissions for our second season of mini-musicals and is currently seeking submissions from musical theatre writers around the world! 

Those pieces selected for production will be fully produced by IndieWorks Theatre Company as a radio play and will receive:

  • Dramaturgical support with our Creative Director

  • Help to adapt your musical to fit our radio-play format

  • Orchestrations by members of our brilliant music team

  • Digital sound effects to enhance the radio-play experience

  • Casting/Rehearsal/Direction/Music Direction/Publicity/Press

  • Your musical performed by top-industry talent from Broadway, The West End, Hollywood, and YouTube

  • A fully produced recording of your musical for you to share on your website with your fans and potential producers

  • A global audience that is thirsty for new musicals and new writers

IndieWorks Theatre Company had a simple goal in mind when creating Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast... to create a program to showcase short-form works that many writers already have in their arsenal and to encourage other writers to keep creating musical masterpieces, exercising their creativity and inspiring new and younger writers to do the same! Our program shines a spotlight on writers and their work giving them an opportunity to speak about their process, careers, and upcoming projects. By casting well-known theatre and voiceover artists, IndieWorks hopes to shine that light a little brighter, helping some writers launch, and others maintain, a fruitful career in the theatre.

submission guidelines

  • Mini-musicals must be no less than ten minutes and no more than 20 minutes in length.

  • All mini-musicals must be self-contained, complete stories that have a beginning, middle, and end. No excerpts will be accepted.

  • Mini-musicals will be performed like a radio play with sound effects added either Foley-style or in post-production. Therefore, shows that rely heavily on visuals to tell the story might not be the best fit for our program.

  • Writers may submit any mini-musical(s) they like provided they fit the above requirements.

  • Writers who identify as female, trans or gender-nonconforming, disabled writers, and writers of color are especially encouraged to submit.

how to submit

Please create a Dropbox or Google Drive folder with the header “BSB” and the name of your musical (i.e. “BSB – [Your Musical]”) containing the following items:

  • Bios for each member of your writing team in PDF Format and label it “[Your Musical] – Bios”

  • PDF of your FULL SCRIPT and label it “[Your Musical] – Script”

  • PDF of your FULL Piano/Vocal score and label it “[Your Musical] – Score”

  • Demo Recordings of musical numbers (These can even be composer demos recorded on a phone). All demos should be in a folder labeled "[Your Musical] – Demos”

  • Video of a rehearsal, reading, or other performance of your musical (if you have one) labeled with just the name of your musical. If you are sending a link instead of uploading a video file, please send it in a separate PDF and label it “[Your Musical] – Video Link”

Fill out the Google Form by clicking the button below and leave the link to the Dropbox or Google Drive folder at the end. Someone from our team will be in touch when.


If you have any questions, please email