IndieWorks Theatre Company is an artist-driven company committed to providing New York City’s diverse population with high-quality, daring, contemporary, and intelligent new and seldom-produced works of live theatre, music, and film; using multimedia elements in our productions, staying current with technological advances; keeping theatre affordable and accessible to artists and audiences alike; telling stories that evoke emotion, inspire action, and demand conversation.
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IndieWorks Theatre Company strives to provide writers, directors, designers, actors, and artists with an environment that fosters artistic excellence through the creation of live theatre, bringing people together for powerful shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas. We aim to collaborate with artists, organizations, schools, and the community to encourage the creation, appreciation, and understanding of the arts. Through all of this, IndieWorks Theatre Company aims to be recognized throughout New York City as an example of a thriving arts and entertainment organization.
  • Prioritize the use of local artists of diverse backgrounds

  • Provide opportunities for those who create the theatrical experience to express their art, entertain an audience, and receive the appreciation their efforts deserve

  • Create a collaborative environment in which artists can do their best work

  • Utilize multimedia resources for sensory stimulating productions

  • Choose season themes that are relatable to audiences and artists alike

  • Engage our audience in an ongoing dialogue of ideas

  • Ensure that our work is accessible to artists and audiences of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and economic groups

  • Foster an enthusiastic, respected, and hardworking corps of individuals who serve as staff, volunteers, and board members


  • Organize an internship program for students


  • Provide exceptional service and hospitality to our patrons


  • Encourage collaborations with various businesses and organizations that are innovative, effective, and mutually beneficial


  • Promote and support local businesses in a symbiotic relationship to bring in profit, customers, and notice to both IndieWorks Theatre Company and local business


  • Be a thriving organization that is fiscally sound and has endowed reserves to support its mission

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