With Bite-Sized Broadway, you're not just listening to any ten mini-musicals, you're listening to ten carefully-selected mini-musicals written by magnificent musical theatre writers from all over the world! We've got 18 writers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and the Philippines giving audiences a mix of new versions of old favorites and never-before-heard world premieres!

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, those ten musicals are performed by some of the best in the business with top talent from Broadway, The West End, Hollywood, even YouTube! We're bringing all kinds of people together through the magic of remote recording to create a bite-sized Broadway experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own devices, anytime, anywhere!


Meet the people who are bringing you this fantastic first season!

season one cast

production staff




Christopher Michaels

Founder/Producing Artistic Director

Jeremy Terry

Managing Director


Executive Producer/General Manager

Jeremy Terry


Executive Producer/Creative Director Christopher Michaels ______________________________

Producers/Music Department Heads Andrew Fox     Jonathon Lynch


Season Producer

Judith Manocherian


Press Representative


Paul Siebold

www.offoffpr.com ______________________________

Fiscal Sponsor

MULTICULTURAL SONIC EVOLUTION Yui Kitamura     Chihiro Shibayama www.musefriends.org ______________________________

Associate Producer

Elixabete Lynch


Creator/ Music Supervisor/

Resident Music Director

Jonathon Lynch


Resident Director/ Sound Design/


Christopher Michaels


First Assistant Director

Jeremy Terry


Orchestrator/Digital Orchestrations/ Audio Engineer

Andrew Fox


Assistant Audio Engineer

Evan Feist


Post Production Mixing & Mastering

Jay Rosen

"Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song"

Written & Performed by

Michael Perrie, Jr.

© 2020 IndieWorks Theatre Company, Inc.


BSB Ensemble Singers

Andrew Fox     Christopher Michaels

Erin Oechsel     Jonathon Lynch     Onyie Nwachukwu     Sierra Rein     Simone Zamore

Yvette Monique Clark


Social Media

John Michael Bradshaw

Maria Garcia

Graphic/Web/Program Design

Christopher Michaels


Patreon Subscribers

Dakota Cahill, Bryan Lynch, Judith Manocherian, Sissy VanDyke, Scott Interrante, RomoZero


Special Thanks

Tom Gavin, Judith Manocherian,

Evan Feist, Jay Rosen, Mike Hart,

Matt SanGiovanni, Macy Schmidt, Seth Christenfeld, Jenny Paul,

Michael Chase Gosselin, Nissa Kahle, Casey Erin Clark, Casey Dressler,

Ahmed Khalifa, Diana Kazakova,

Craig Ramsay,  Sierra Rein,

Doug Lyons, Robyne Parrish,

Kaitlyn Raitz & Ben Plotnick,

Dennis Corsi, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, James Weaver Clark, Maria Garcia, John Michael Bradshaw


season one writers


production team


This podcast was recorded under a SAG-AFTRA

Collective Bargaining Agreement

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