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join our reading committee

Bite-Sized Broadway enlists the help of a small group of readers (the Mini-Musical Reading Committee or MMRC) to read and evaluate all submissions before passing along their recommendations to Producers. To that end, we are seeking a diverse group of individuals with a strong knowledge of musical theater who are interested in joining the MMRC. We are actively engaged in finding a balance of different ages, ethnicities, gender identities, cultural backgrounds, abilities, and other demographics in order to attempt to emulate our writers and our listenership as a whole.

Committee members will be asked to commit approximately four (4) hours per week to the following activities:

  • Reading submitted musical/play materials

  • Filling out the corresponding feedback form

  • Meeting virtually with other committee members to discuss the options and helping narrow down the total submissions to the top 15 selections

important information

  • Our application period opens January 2, 2023 and closes January 27, 2023.

  • First committee meeting will be held virtually on or around February 4, 2023.

  • The mini-musical submission process will begin February 6, 2023 and close March 5, 2023.

  • MMRC members will receive submissions weekly to review starting February 20, 2023 and will make their semi-final recommendations by March 17, 2023.

  • A stipend will be given to each senior committee member who completes their service. 


  • There are no membership dues for this committee, however a stipend will be awarded by check to senior members who complete their service.

  • Membership shall consist of the following:

    • Senior membership shall include members 19 years of age and older. Senior members may vote on show selection, membership & elections, and shall receive a stipend for their time and contribution.

    • Junior membership shall include any person 15-18 years of age. Junior members may vote on show selection, but not on membership or elections, and are not eligible to receive a stipend.

    • Honorary membership shall be the prerogative of the Executive Producers to bestow on deserving parties. Honorary members may vote on show selection and elections, but not on membership, and and are not eligible to receive a stipend.

  • Committee size will consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) senior members, but no fewer than nine (9), up to five (5) junior members, and up to two (2) honorary members.

  • Priority will be given to historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. IndieWorks is committed to equity and inclusion of the many types of art, culture, community and creativity that exist in our region, and to diversity in its readers, presenters and audiences.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of the reading committee MAY NOT submit shows. Also partners, spouses, significant others, or immediate family members of Play Reading Committee members MAY NOT submit while their related person serves on the committee. New committee members will be chosen each year prior to the submission period.

If you prefer, you can find a printable PDF version of the application, here.


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